Middle School

Innovation Lab

The grade eight class participates in the creativity aspect of the innovation lab, which is one of a series of courses offered at Lincoln School. This course is rooted in product-oriented learning.

Product-­oriented learning transforms the how of education by shifting from just-­in­-case learning (predetermined skills and content) to just-­in-­time learning, where skills and content are studied and applied in the context of meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable products or services. This approach allows for individualized learning of varied skills and content.

The two most important qualities of creativity are thinking outside the box and passionately pursuing knowledge.

The primary purpose of this course is to develop creative mindsets, habits, and skills. These can only be developed through authentic, meaningful, and purposeful engagement. The two most important qualities of creativity are, firstly, thinking outside the box — ridding ourselves of preconceived notions about how things work — and, secondly, passionately pursuing knowledge. Our Passion Projects initiative, where students pursue a topic of their choice, is the driving force behind the course and allows students to fully flex their creative muscles.