The South Asia Inter-School Association (SAISA) is an organization made up of international schools, which have English as a medium of instruction and follow an American based system of education. These schools compete against each other in sports, music, art, leadership, and academic events. The purpose of SAISA is to promote and coordinate regional professional development activities, academic and cultural festivals, athletic tournaments, and other events deemed appropriate by member schools.The purpose of SAISA is to promote, coordinate regional professional development activities, academic and cultural festivals, athletic tournaments and other events deemed appropriate by the member schools.

SAISA Sports Program Goals

  • Develop leadership skills through distinct roles such as a team captain, manager, and team member.
  • Trust and respect the value of positive sportsmanship and practice it through treatment of players, officials, coaches, spectators and organizers by recognizing good performance and the work that goes into making athletics possible.
  • Show resilience as students develop an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn to manage them in a constructive way so as to improve performance.
  • Demonstrate courage by taking appropriate risks with the aim of self-growth.
  • Refine existing skills and learn new ones.
  • Appreciate that participation in athletics is a privilege, which carries with it certain responsibilities: academic standing, commitment, and behavior. Student-athletes should understand that they are responsible for the choices they make.
  • Appreciate the benefits of physical activity and understand the need to practice healthy habits, including leading a balanced lifestyle, as a pre-requisite to success in sports.
  • Cultivate cultural awareness, sensitivity, and understanding through travel, home stays, hosting and competition whilst involved in a SAISA event, After-School Activity, or a local tournament.

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Sports Participation Health History and Physical Examination Requirements

Students of all ages that will be participating in competitive sports – whether traveling with a SAISA team or competing in local events – are required to undergo a “sports physical” on admission and when advancing to grades 3, 6 and 9. The completed Sports Health History and Exam form must be submitted prior to initial participation in practice sessions.

The Sports Health History must be updated every school year, prior to participation in practice sessions.

Please visit the Health Office link for more information about student health requirements and individual health care plans for health conditions such as asthma or allergies.