Grade 3 Goes to Sneha’s Care Dog Center

Recently, the Grade 3 students journeyed to Sneha’s Care Dog Center to learn more about the concerns around street dogs in Kathmandu as well as spend some time taking care of the dogs. They found big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, excited dogs, and puppies who were all waiting for some well-deserved attention! This field trip was part of their service learning project to find out how animals are taken care of in Kathmandu. After all of their learning about both donkeys in the brick factories and dogs on the street, the students decided they’d love to visit the dogs at Sneha’s Care and help groom them, walk them, feed them, and most of all pet them! They were even able to see how the center used small wheelchairs for dogs who were paralyzed. The students were amazed how these dogs could zoom everywhere and enjoy life with the rest of the dogs! If you are interested in volunteering with or learning more about how to help Kathmandu’s street dog population, check out their website at The dogs would wag their tails for more attention!

Grade 3 Students Learn About Street Animals in Kathmandu

Grade 3 students continued learning more about how animals are taken care of in Kathmandu from two compassionate and knowledgeable representatives of Sneha’s Care. Samridhi and Sobina came to our classroom to share their expertise about caring for Kathmandu’s street dog population. This amazing animal center cares for 155 dogs!  Grade 3 is now inspired to develop their service learning project even further by generating awareness of the problems animals have in Kathmandu as well as developing ways that we can help make their lives better. Thank you, Sneha’s Care!

Grade 3 Visits the Donkey Sanctuary

This year Grade 3’s service learning passion is to help animals in Kathmandu. We weren’t sure how we could help, so we packed some snacks, a lunch, and hats and off we went to Animal Nepal’s Donkey Sanctuary to find out about an organization that focuses on educating owners of donkeys, mules, and horses that work in the brick kilns. We learned more about how staff at the sanctuary identify animals that might be mistreated, how they educate the owners, and what we can do to help. We had so much fun petting the animals and asking all kinds of questions We even got to see how people make bricks in Nepal! In the end, it was hard to leave all the animals behind, but we have some more ideas of how we can help now.

Grade 3 Publishes Personal Narrative Stories

Grade 3 students enthusiastically shared their first published books of the year. They welcomed elementary specialists, administration and…the Chennai Raptors girls volleyball team  to our classroom! They couldn’t believe how many guests we had for our writing celebration. Students were able to show the process of publishing a personal narrative book, from getting their first idea, to revising, editing, and finally publishing. All of our guests enjoyed listening to their creative stories and gave Grade 3 students a lot of positive feedback. These students are definitely excited to start writing even more books. Congratulations Grade 3!

P1 and Grade 3 Celebrate Tihar

P1 and Grade 3 Reading Buddies enjoyed time together creating ‘Rangoli’ to celebrate Tihar. First, they designed their mandala with chalk, and then they filled in with natural materials such as marigolds, pine needles, bougainvillea, and makhmali flowers. We wish everyone a very happy Tihar and hope you can design your own ‘Rangoli -Mandalas’ with your family too!  

Grade 3 Grows their Reading Life

To learn more about their peers and themselves as readers, students in Grade 3 recently conducted reading partner interviews. Questions included: What are your favorite books? Where do you like to read? Do you have a favorite book series? They learned so much about each other.  Many students have already started recommending books for their partners!