Pitch to the Panel Finale

For the second year, students from the upper elementary participated in a unique public speaking event called Pitch to the Panel. As part of their persuasive writing units, students crafted speeches based on a topic that they felt was a concern or needed to change within our community. They researched, organized and rehearsed their arguments before passionately presenting them to the panel. The Panel, comprised of teachers and secondary students listened closely and provided productive and positive feedback to each participant. Topics covered issues such as air pollution, stray animals, and fundraising to help others.

After deliberations, the Panel chose one topic from each grade level to support and work toward to bring to fruition for next year. The selected projects included new safety signs for the elementary playground, healthier food in the canteen, and having more mosquito repellent plants around campus.

Congratulations to all the student activists who participated!

The French Connection

Recently, Alliance Française visited Lincoln School to offer an activity to the French language students from grades 3, 4 and 5. Activities included conversation opportunities and a variety of games such as “Qui est-ce?” (“Guess who?”). To play, students worked in groups of 3 to 5 to listen and ask clues in French then identify the hidden character. All the students enjoyed participating, and it was a productive collaboration between Lincoln and Alliance Française. 

ES Students Participate in Curry Without Worry

As part of a recent service project,  elementary students from Roots and Shoots and Leader In Me collaborated with the Umbrella Foundation to provide a hot and healthy meal for approximately 300 individuals in and around Kathmandu Durbar Square. The event was sponsored by Curry Without Worry which prepares meals every Tuesday. Our students prepped vegetables, tested their culinary skills, and recognized the value of helping others by volunteering their time.

ASA Showcase and Season 3 Sign-Ups

Martial Arts, music, dance, gymnastics and Reader’s Theater were all a part of the elementary ASA Showcase for season two during this week’s assembly. The students delighted the audience with their guitar, violin and piano performances, while other students demonstrated the new moves they learned in breakdance and Aikido.  It was a delightful celebration of learning from our ASAs.

Sign-Ups for Season 3 ASAs are from February 8-13.

Recycling Program at Lincoln!

After several months of learning, researching and planning during middle school exploratory, a student-led initiative has resulted in a partnership with Lincoln School and Doko Recyclers in Kathmandu. Students from Grades 6 to 8, known as the Green Leopards developed and drafted a proposal for a school-wide recycling plan, which was presented to the school leadership teams and administration.

The plan has become a reality, and now every classroom and office space on campus has a designated paper recycling doko (bin).  There are also four community stations for plastic and paper located throughout campus. In addition, the students, faculty, and staff have gone through the training workshops offered by Doko.

For now, the focus is on recycling paper and plastic. Weekly pick up by Doko will start this week, and we will begin collecting data regarding recycling and waste production at Lincoln. It’s all part of “Going Green in ’18.”


Elementary Honors Choir Performance at QKS event!

It was a day full of music at the first ever Quality Kathmandu Schools (QKS) Inter- School Choir Showcase. As part of Lincoln School’s performing arts program, the Elementary Honors Choir stepped on stage at the Army Officers’ Auditorium to sing in front of an audience of over 600 people. Ms. Iris led our students through three wonderful pieces including “Yonder Come Day.” It was a stellar performance! Stay tuned for more upcoming performances in March and April.

100th Day Celebration!

Today marked the 100th Day of school at Lincoln. To celebrate, students in lower elementary classrooms participated in a variety of activities related to math and literacy. The celebration kicked off with the Fabulous Friday assembly, at which all elementary students and teachers had fun sharing what they’ve learned as well as doing a 10X10 physical activity lead by Mr. Craig. By the end, there were at least 100 smiles in the Globe Theater!

Lincoln School and ECEC Team Up!

The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) was established in 2001 with the specific aim to improve early childhood education throughout Nepal by focusing on training Nepali teachers using current best practice instructional approaches. Through a longstanding partnership with Lincoln School, many ECEC Nepali teachers have moved toward achieving their goal by participating in workshops offered by Lincoln teachers and teaching assistants.  

Recently, Mrs. Alison Powell, PS/PK Teacher and Ms. Sonam Tiwari, Teaching Assistant, offered workshops for 70 ECEC teachers. Over the course of two days, Mrs. Powell shared her knowledge of early childhood and demonstrated teaching methods and practices, while Ms. Sonam focused on the importance and value of emotional intelligence when working with young children. It was a truly collaborative learning experience!

Elementary Students Back in Full Swing…

It was a great first week back from holiday. The elementary students were excited to be in school with friends and teachers. Whether reading non-fiction and learning strategies in class or being inspired by Picasso and Van Gogh to paint in art, it was delightful to see everyone back and engaged in their learning! 

Making Bricks with Leader In Me and Roots and Shoots

The Leader In Me and Roots and Shoots ASAs provide opportunities for elementary students to learn about leadership skills,  global citizenship and being stewards of the environment. This week, in light of the colder weather, the students took the lead and learned how to make eco-friendly paper briquettes out of recycled paper. These easy to make briquettes help clean the environment, are almost smokeless and generate enough heat to keep you warm. The student team had a lot of fun and will be learning more about these types of recycled forms of energy.