Lincoln Celebrates Unity and Diversity at International Day

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — Last Saturday, Lincoln School celebrated International Day with a diverse array of cultures, cuisines, musical performances, and service initiatives. We are proud of how we embrace our diversity at Lincoln School and were so pleased to see many of our families join us for the event  and participate in the Parade of Continents and International Luncheon, as well as observe students present some of their service-learning projects and musical performances. Finally, a special note of thanks to all the families who brought food for this event, the Board candidates, and especially to the LSPA for everything they did to make the celebrations such a success.

Twistable Turnable Man – Theater Intensive Weekend

This last Saturday and Sunday, Lincoln School had the pleasure of hosting two theater professionals, hailing from New York City, to host a 2-day theater intensive workshop. Around a dozen secondary students dove headfirst into a fast-paced devised theatre workshop with a focus in training the brain, the body, and the collaborative spirit. This experience culminated in a short performance on the last day that was created and inspired using the poetry of Shell Silverstein.

Day one, students learned devising games and exercises that helped them become more comfortable on the stage and develop the group as an ensemble to create original moments of theater. These activities were developed in groups, pairs, and solo moments on and off the stage.


Day Two was spent shaping these moments into a final showcase that highlighted the students’ talents and original composition.

A big thank you to our workshop facilitators Jonathan Taylor and Rose Schwietz for bringing out our students’ theatrical abilities!


Lincoln Youth Football Team Triumph in LS 9-A-Side Tournament!

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — On Saturday, May 19th, Lincoln School hosted an inter-school 9-a-side U-14 football tournament for our youth football teams and other local schools in Kathmandu – Rato Bangala School, Premier International School and GEMS. Due to many participants in our program, Lincoln contributed two teams to the tournament, “Lincoln Red” and “Lincoln White”.

The tournament kicked off with Lincoln Red taking on last year’s finalists, Premier International. In a keenly contested match, both teams scored from free-kicks with the game finishing 1-1. Lincoln Red then triumphed over Lincoln White (4-0) and Rato Bangala School (1-0). While the Lincoln White team was mostly comprised of younger, less experienced players, their attitude was fantastic and the team played their heart out in each game. However, coming into the last game before the final, all of GEMS, Premier International School and Lincoln Red were tied on points, meaning that Lincoln Red had to defeat GEMS to go to the final. The game was tied 1-1 after normal time, but the Reds earned a penalty in extra time to send the ecstatic Lincoln players into the final, where they had to play Premier International once more. In a cagey affair, neither team was able to unlock their opponents’ defense and the tournament would be decided on the lottery of a penalty shootout. Grade 7 student, Goethe, was the hero in the shootout, scoring his goal and then saving Premier’s penalties to help Lincoln to victory!

Lincoln Girls’ Football Wins Hearts in Colombo

COLOMBO, Sri-Lanka. — Despite being a young team comprised almost entirely of middle-schoolers and freshmen, the Lincoln School girls football team kicked off the season with high heads and spirited hearts. The NISSA games began almost immediately, and it didn’t take long to feel the void past teammates had left. There were a few games where we played really well, but as a fairly inexperienced team, we felt a lack of “gel” and as a result, didn’t place as well as we would have liked or had expected at the final tournament.

Even so, we weren’t put down. In the next month and half, we came to each practice with bright smiles and an eagerness to learn, and in the process, developed not only our stamina and skills, but also our relationships with one another. More challenges were faced as two key players announced they couldn’t travel and while it was a setback, we kept moving forward. We were willing to do anything to ensure a successful SAISA. Some of us would even practice wearing extra clothing to prepare us for the heat and humidity awaiting us at Colombo, Sri Lanka, but the second we stepped out of the airplane, we laughed, knowing it had in no way done so.

Thursday, April 19th came quickly, and SAISA was finally underway. We began the tournament strong, winning both our games on the first day 3-0. Our offense was an unstoppable force, shooting ball after ball and sending six of them to the back of the opponent’s net. Our defense, with our star goalie, Sarya, behind us, also displayed immense strength, with interrupting each run and deflecting every shot. At the end of the first day, we were feeling quite spirited, being the only team to have conceded zero goals; we were on our way to being one of the first seed teams into the semis.

After drawing 0-0 with AISD, all we needed was a point from our fourth game against the home team, OSC, to progress to the semis. Their entire school was present cheering for their team, and it got to us. We starting making mistakes, and before the end of the first half, we had conceded a goal. We played significantly better in the second half; we sent shot after shot at their goal but unfortunately, none of them went in. Then things took a turn for the worst. A lightning storm broke, and not too long into it, our goalie got injured after colliding with another player. With the thunderstorm getting closer, there were shouts to get off the pitch, people directing us to the gym, cries for Sarya, and tears knowing we weren’t going to make it to the semis.

At the end of the day, we all learned valuable lessons. Not just in regard to football, but life as well. Win some, lose some, but no matter what we’d provide unconditional support to each other. As Coach Anne put it, even the greatest teams can lose to anyone on a bad day. We knew what our mistakes were and made it our mission to correct it in our next game. We played our last game against ASB the following day and honestly, it was one of our best games in the entire season. We made strong, accurate passes, took shots when we could and even though we had to find a last minute, replacement goalie, we only conceded one goal.

We finished the tournament in 6th place, which is amazing considering we scored six goals and only conceded two in our five matches.  While it wasn’t what we had hoped for, I couldn’t be prouder of the selfless dedication, determination, support, and spirit that this group of girls displayed not only over SAISA, but the entire season.

Go Lady Leopards!

By Niharika

MS Exploratory Showcase

The sixth and seventh-grade middle school students celebrated another fantastic showcase of their passion-based learning projects. Each Exploratory class shared out videos and discussed their challenges and successes from this round of classes. Animators created some very impressive videos,  especially considering the time they had to complete their projects. The woodworking group offered insight into the skills needed to construct their creative and functional designs. Our master chefs shared out  the skills learned in the kitchen, and  their motto, “If you can’t cut, you can’t cook.” Tasty samples from the talented chefs were enjoyed by all. The Wacky Relay team used GoPro footage, with some highly skilled editing, to take the students through their obstacle course before all students were able to try it out for themselves. Thank you to the students and teachers for another exciting round of Exploratory learning and sharing. Student feedback demonstrated that this was the best showcase to date!

The Wax Museum Comes Alive!

On Friday, February 2nd, the eighth grade Innovation Lab class hosted an exciting interactive event in the Secondary Library: The Wax Museum Comes Alive! As part of their exploration of creativity, students were tasked to develop and become a unique, fictitious character. Each of these characters prepared a short soliloquy, which they performed when visitors approached them in the Wax Museum. It was a fun, lively event — thank you to everyone who came to visit and played along!

SAISA Art 2017 – Kathmandu: Then & Now

Our SAISA Art program, “Kathmandu: Then & Now,”  was a huge success this year. Featuring the rich artistic traditions of the Kathmandu Valley, students were exposed to an array of traditional and contemporary art forms in the local community. Five prominent Nepali artists of various disciplines led three-day workshops with 43 students from six SAISA schools.

Naresh Shakya, a talented wood carver, who has worked on several UNESCO world heritage sites around Nepal, led a traditional wood carving workshop.

Sudarshan Suwal taught Thangka painting. He is one of the only professional Thangka painters who continues to follow the traditional process of grinding his own pigments from natural minerals.

Vijay Maharjan, a contemporary sculptor, led a casting workshop, where students learned how to cast objects and body parts with plaster and alginate.

Mahima Singh, a performance artist and teacher, led a performance art and installation workshop, where students were pushed to develop a strong concept, think critically, and experiment with ways the viewer could interact with their art.

Lastly, Sattya Media Arts Collective, a resource center for artists, filmmakers, photographers, activists, and other creative types in Nepal, led a mural painting and public art workshop. Students collaborated on a mural design inspired by words and images that represent their impressions of Kathmandu. They painted the mural together over the course of two days.

On Sunday evening, students exhibited their projects in our SAISA Art exhibition. The Lincoln community was invited to peruse the gallery and interact with the artwork, as well as view some performance art in the theater. The culmination of student work was very impressive, thanks to our professional guest artists and the entire team who helped make the event a success.

Here are some photos from the exhibition (and check out more on our lsnepalart instagram!)

7th Grade Writer’s Workshop with Visiting Author

The seventh grade students participated in a writing workshop instructed by visiting author, Gennifer Choldenko. Students were challenged to use their five senses in their writing to engage the audience in descriptions of chewing gum, home, and the topic of shoes. The seemingly simple topics led to dynamic story telling and interesting perspective taking! It was a joy to see many students share their creative, funny, and emotional writing. Students also had time to ask the Mrs. Choldenko questions about the revision and publishing process. Way to go seventh grade writing warriors!

Olympian Conducts Clinic for Lincoln Swimmers!

Our Snow Leopard club swimmers had another awesome experience with Lysi Halkides – a Greek Olympic swimmer – conducting a stroke, turn, dive and tactics clinic at our school pool. Lysi, once ranked in the world’s top 20 in the 400 IM, and a participant in the London Olympcs 2012, was able to pass on a great deal of knowledge and experience to our aspiring swimmers.

MS Exploratory Showcase

Middle School students finished up the first exciting round of Exploratories and celebrated with a showcase of projects and products. Classes took turns sharing out what they accomplished, what was challenging,  and their successes. The hard work and passion of the students was evident in their presentations and products!

The Green Leopards were able to start a school-wide recycling program. We were introduced to a new world with complex and creative characters, that left us wanting more of the story from the World Builders. Humans of Lincoln students created a book of narratives based on interviews of staff and students that will be available for purchase soon. Students witnessed a complex machine complete a simple task, and a game of Quidditch was enjoyed by all.  Everyone walked away with a new hack to make their lives easier thanks to the Life Hacks video.

Middle school students have started their second round of Exploratory classes this week. They will be involved in coding, engineering challenges, creating new sports games, and using media as a mindful platform for addressing social issues.