A Look at Learning

The Primary One Program incorporates the following elements:

  • Themes: Curriculum is integrated and introduced through meaningful themes which spark childrenā€˜s natural curiosity and interests.
  • Language & Literacy: We practice a balanced literacy program that incorporates both phonics and whole language. Through environmental print, building phonemic awareness, interactive read alouds and guided reading groups, we are taking steps in our journey to literacy. We are also using invented spelling to write in meaningful ways during our Writer’s Workshop, and practicing letter formation using the Handwriting Without Tears program.
  • Mathematics: As the name suggests, our Everyday Math curriculum helps children understand and apply mathematical concepts through the context of their own lives. We use math manipulatives in our classroom, for concrete representation of math ideas. We focus on numbers sense and operations, patterns, geometry, measurement and data analysis.
  • Social Studies: Throughout the year we work with the theme; “Respect yourself, respect each other and respect your environment.” We are learning that, by celebrating each other’s differences, we are building a closer classroom community.
  • Science: We work with Next Generation Science Standards, which includes the themes of weather and climate, forces of motion, and interdependent ecosystems.