Lincoln’s Middle School: Celebrating learners in transition

Lincoln’s middle school curriculum honors authentic inquiry, experimentation and learning in a spirit of discovery.  Our interactive, project-oriented classroom environments encourage student creativity and academic excellence, while building effective problem-solving skills. Students have ready access to academic enrichment and support and an inviting range of opportunities for social and artistic enrichment, service learning and sports.

Lincoln’s middle school students grow to understand themselves and one another as people, as learners and as members of a larger community.

Lincoln Exploratories: the classroom reimagined

The middle school Exploratories program establishes new learning relationships outside of the regular classroom setting. Working in small, multi-age groups within the learning areas of their choice, students explore, investigate, tinker and experiment, building complex understandings of authentic questions. They discover confidence in themselves, build trust in one another and in their teachers, and engage in safe intellectual risk taking.


The middle school advisory program takes an advocacy approach, ensuring that all students will be heard and supported in meeting their social, personal, and academic learning challenges.
Middle School Student Life
Our active middle school student council offers a forum for student voice and leadership, and plenty of practical experience in effective organization and collaboration.  Students in our middle school are part of a highly active, energetic, supportive and caring community with a clear identity within the broader school.

The Core Team Approach: Meeting the needs of every student

Collaboration is important for our middle school teachers as it is for our students. Core teachers meet regularly in coordination with the learning support team in order to design innovative and affective and academic learning experiences that encourage all students to seek challenge in learning and develop self-awareness as learners.