Lincoln School uses Google Classroom in the secondary for online learning and support. Classroom leverages the full suite of Google Apps into a learning platform. Google Classroom is open to parent participation.

The Elementary School Faculty uses a classroom site. The sites are similar in each grade level, assisting parents with finding appropriate information from one class to another.


Students are required to bring a recent laptop that was either a Macintosh or Windows device. Most of the students use Apple laptops. All uses of the Internet at Lincoln School are monitored through our network security apparatus.

iPads in the Elementary School

iPads are part of the daily lives of students in grades P1 to 3 and each student is assigned an iPad to use during the school day.

Through collaboration amongst the classroom teachers and in conjunction with the Tech Integrationist, students utilize iPads in a variety of learning environments and subject areas.


The Lincoln School aims to promote meaningful uses of integrated technology, which inspire students to develop critical thinking skills and support continuous inquiry. The students will use state of the art technology in a creative and collaborative environment. They will model respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in social, personal and environmental contexts.

The following belief statements guide the realization of this vision:

  • We believe students and staff must be skilled users of technology, and that acquiring and maintaining skills is a continuing process.
  • We believe students and staff must have an understanding of the ethical issues associated with the use of technology.
  • We believe students and staff must have access to reliable and efficient technology resources.
  • We believe all teachers must be responsible for the appropriate integration of technology across the curriculum.