Moving and Shipping Information

Shipment of Personal Effects and Settling-In

The school will provide a lump sum cash allowance as settling-in and for shipment of personal effects at the beginning of employment. The US dollar amount for these expenses is in your contract.  You can use these funds to pay to bring extra luggage on your flight or send a larger shipment through movers, typically by air and with the support of the US embassy.

Consider that your apartment will be furnished with most things but we know there are home comforts you might want to bring along.  Teachers have contributed to a list that might help you decide what to bring (this is constantly being updated).  Additionally, look at to see what might be available here

Shipping Instructions:

If you decide to ship more than will fit in extra luggage, please review this section.  Shipping personal goods to Nepal is difficult and taxable.  Lincoln depends on the support of The US Embassy for clearing your goods through customs. The only way teachers can import items duty-free is if the Embassy guarantees to re-export them. To protect this privilege and ensure a smooth process, please follow carefully the instructions given below:

1) Begin looking for an international moving company in April and May.  Please let them know you are moving your Home Office to a new one in Nepal.  This will help with labeling your personal goods as office goods.

2) Once you have a bid and a company for your move, set a pack and move date in late June or July. Ensure all boxes are labeled Office Supplies. You do not want your goods to stay in customs for very long.  It is rainy season here so it is best to not depend on airport storage.  If your shipment can arrive in the first two weeks of August that would work best for you.

3) Please inform the airline/shipping agent to fill out the airway bill according to these instructions exactly: DO NOT list your name, the school’s name, or the name of anyone associated with the school on the address portion of the airway bill. The airway bill is the receipt and specification of the shipment with a number that is used for identification.

For shipment description space on the airway bill, it is important to only state: Office Supplies.

If the shipping agent requires your signature please only sign the bottom portion of the airway bill under “Shipper or Agent’s Signature.”

Please forward the school a dummy airway bill to ensure all information is stated accurately via the document upload form.

  1. Please scan and email the school a copy of the airway bill (dummy if possible) for verification
  2. Scan and email the school the final airway bill & packing list
  3. Courier (DHL) the original airway bill to the school with a packing list.

Wrap all contents in plastic before packing. The shipment is likely to arrive during the monsoon and shipments have been known to sit outside unprotected.

MYUS – Consolidator (if you need to order something after you arrive)
Upon hiring the school signs up faculty members with a mail forwarder in Florida, US-based online orders can be shipped to SARASOTA, Florida address and monthly the agent consolidates all orders to Lincoln School for shipping to Nepal through DHL International. It is a very used service by the faculty members and it is a great way to get some favorites to Nepal. The faculty members are charged per lbs received and one pound cost approximately $6-7. The school facilitates the shipment.

In General
Based on new teachers experiences the most convenient method is to bring as much as possible with you along your travel to Kathmandu. The School provided accommodations are fully furnished. Please check with HR in regards to your housing allocation by May so you can get an idea of the necessary items to bring.