About Us


Our diverse population of teachers supports the international and intercultural learning environment at Lincoln School. For 2018-2019 there are 42 fully certified faculty members, including 31 U.S. citizens, 5 Australian citizens, 4 Canadian citizens, 1 Japanese citizen, and 1 British citizen.

The student-teacher relationship is at the heart of our program and is demonstrated in the way teachers and staff interact with students and the way in which students are involved at school. The fostering of mutually respectful relationships allows our community to share their thoughts, opinions, questions, and concerns responsibly and respectfully.

Lincoln School teachers are guided by the mission and core values of Lincoln School. They demonstrate their commitment to life long learning by pursuing higher-level education, participating in professional development, and staying abreast of pedagogical practices.

Lincoln School utilizes a variety of international recruiting agencies to ensure the highest quality of teachers.