Air Quality

Lincoln School recognizes air quality is an issue that needs our attention and we have taken a number of steps to ensure that our students are given the best opportunity to grow and develop in a clean and healthy environment.

In response to reported air quality levels in Kathmandu, we have developed measures to collect AQI data at different times and locations on campus. Additionally, our Staff and Faculty Air Quality Committee has worked to ensure that our procedures are in line with best practices used in educational institutions throughout the region. Based on this research Lincoln School has created a number of procedures to minimize student exposure to unhealthy air.

The air purifiers used in the classroom captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size

Lincoln School has invested in high-quality air filtration systems, which are installed in all our indoor learning spaces. Furthermore, adjustments have been made to our Physical Education, Activities, and Recess programs to maximize the time that students spend in clean air spaces.

We are committed to further developing our response to air quality management.