High School

A dynamic learning community, and an engaging college preparatory curriculum.

High school is about the collation of academic and life skills, and at Lincoln, we aim to give students those skill in a constructive, engaging environment. Our small class sizes allow teachers and students to know each other well so that learning takes place in an atmosphere of shared endeavor, mutual respect, and trust. Our high school curriculum is founded in a commitment to critical thinking and inquiry, empowering students to build intellectual independence and effective collaborative skills.

Lincoln students experience a varied and appropriately challenging program of studies and activities, choosing from a wide range of innovative core and elective courses. Our high school program includes a three-semester Theory of Knowledge program and culminates in the Senior Project, a core requirement for our graduating students, each of whom combines original research, an extended essay and performance within the creative or academic field of his or her choice.

Our program supports a diverse student body. Lincoln offers a broad selection of Advanced Placement courses, sufficient for interested and motivated students to achieve an AP International Diploma. Lincoln also provides ESOL, academic and learning support programs.

High School Student Life

Members of a diverse community of confident, collegial young people, Lincoln students make a difference. Lincoln becomes the main social center for most of our high school students, and for most, the school day does not end when classes finish. After school, students may join extracurricular, service or sports activities, or seek study support from teachers or peers.

By actively promoting student voice and student-driven initiatives, Lincoln School helps students build their sense of self-efficacy and the essential skills for citizens of a democratic, just and diverse society. Lincoln students have authentic opportunities to shape important school­-wide decisions, organize programs, coordinate community activities and projects, and help one another discover their best selves.

Our students share a commitment to ethical, responsible engagement with the world around them.

We believe that Lincoln school students are prepared to improve any community that they are involved through their passion, confidence, competence, compassion, and commitment.

Dan Sharp
Secondary Principal

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Lincoln School, Nepal

On behalf of the community of Lincoln School Nepal, thank you for your interest in our school. This website provides a glimpse into the world of our Lincoln families.

To be the secondary principal of Lincoln school is a remarkably rewarding experience. Our school is an extremely caring and vibrant community consisting of about 250 students, representing many different nationalities. This results in an intercultural experience, through the living and learning with students from varying backgrounds and experiences that permeate the globe.

Our beliefs are strongly aligned and represented through our mission statement, “Lincoln School is a multicultural community in the foothills of the Himalaya that inspires in each student a passion for learning, the confidence and competence to pursue their dreams, and the commitment to serve as a compassionate global citizen and leader, who is a steward of the environment.” We believe that Lincoln school students are prepared to improve any community that they are involved through their passion, confidence, competence, compassion, and commitment.

A special feature of Lincoln School is the breadth and depth of activities that students undertake as co-curricular experiences. Afterschool, students participate in the SAISA community and after-school activities (ASA’s). The SAISA organization provides both athletic and fine arts experiences in different locations around Asia while ASA’s provide experiences here at home.

Lincoln School was established in 1954. We are situated in the Kathmandu Valley in greater Kathmandu in a purpose-built campus with excellent features that provide a safe and fulfilling experience for our students.

Please browse the website for more information about Lincoln School.

Best Regards,

Mr. Daniel Sharp
Secondary Principal