High School

Student Leadership

Our Mission

The Lincoln Student Leadership is a unique group focused around service to the school and community that increases unity and awareness within the student body by organizing community events and activities along with advocating for students and their proposals.

Our Agreements

The organization is an action-based student group that depends on the initiatives of individual students.

Meetings are inclusive to anyone who wishes to participate in student matters or has a possible idea they want to present to the student body.

Elections are not a requirement for participation.

Active members of student leadership and students with project proposals and/or committee responsibilities must attend meetings regularly.

If a specific role is required within the organization, these roles will be internally delegated and agreed upon by the student group.

Two diverse representations from MS and HS are invited to attend. The student groups will have a structure that is organized by committees, as represented by Our Goals.

Students in the secondary school have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our student government, StuCo. There they can develop, refine, and pitch ideas to their peers and to Lincoln School to experience the democratic process.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Events
Plan and organize student events and activities as requested by the student body

Goal 2: Communication
Communicate student proposals and ideas to the student body and administration

Goal 3: Community
Increase unity and awareness within the school community