High School


Lincoln School is guided, but not limited, by the following general principles ensuring that assessment is: meaningful, adaptive to the skills of the student, standards-based, reflective, formative, informative, differentiated, relevant and authentic.

Assessment is an important diagnostic tool in measuring our students’ progress. At Lincoln School, we have adopted proficiency standards in order to give our students the freedom to experiment and the opportunity to meet our high standards.

At the end of each semester, students receive report cards with individualized teacher feedback and the following proficiency markings in each of the categories deemed necessary for achievement in the course.


Student demonstrates a rarely achieved high level of mastery of the standards


Student demonstrates thorough mastery of the standards


Student demonstrates basic mastery of the standards


Student demonstrates initial mastery of the standards

The purpose of report cards is to communicate growth and next steps, engage students, parents, and teachers in celebration of learning, and to provide feedback on learning standards performance.