High School

Program Overview

Academic Program

Lincoln School strives to provide a vigorous program of instruction leading to an American High School Diploma while enabling all students to realize their potential for excellence. The curriculum is designed to prepare all students for post-secondary work in any of the subject strands including English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Fine Arts and World Languages.

Lincoln students and faculty work together in a constructive, engaging learning environment. Students and teachers know one another well, and learning takes place in an atmosphere of shared endeavor, mutual respect and trust. Our high school curriculum is founded in a commitment to critical thinking and inquiry, empowering students to build intellectual independence and effective collaborative skills.

Our high school program includes a three-semester Theory of Knowledge program and culminates in the Senior Project, a core requirement for our graduating students, each of whom combines original research, an extended essay and a performance within the creative or academic field of his or her choice.

Our program supports a diverse student body. Lincoln offers a broad selection of Advanced Placement courses, sufficient for interested students to achieve an AP International Diploma. Lincoln also provides ESOL, academic and learning support programs.

Lincoln students experience a varied and appropriately challenging program of studies and activities, choosing from a wide range of innovative core and elective courses.