Community Voices


From modern state-of-the-art facilities to a diversity of cultures and backgrounds, Lincoln School has offered an unmatched educational environment for my own children. Most striking, however, is that this is an institution defined by its people and their dedication and character. Community is the truest work to describe Lincoln’s environment and the support and encouragement students can expect to find there every single day.

– Ambassador Berry, US Ambassador to Nepal

Lincoln School is a wonderful garden where we see our child grow and blossom. The faculty and staff are the skillful gardeners who ensure that our child is carefully nurtured so that she realises her full potential throughout her school years. The Lincoln School experience is holistic and the strong roots that are laid during the Lincoln School years will have a lifelong impact for the future of our child.

– Dr. Bernadette N. Kumar (Mother/ Norway)

For us the main strength and differentiator of Lincoln School is the people! The exceptional teachers have guided our daughter from Grade 1 to graduation, helping shape her to be the amazing person she is today. The students from across the world with whom she has had the opportunity to interact, learn from and form relationships will last a lifetime. In Kathmandu, she has experienced an array of cultures and customs, enabling her to be a true global citizen.

– Rati and Anil Shah (parents of Aarya Shah (Class of 2019)

It is so true that “it takes a village to raise a child”. This is what Lincoln School has offered my family. Beyond a quality education, and a strong program of athletics and after-school activities, Lincoln provides our children with a larger ecosystem to thrive in. As a close community of faculty and families and partners, we work together to also benefit from Nepal’s beauty and rich culture. This is the ‘Lincoln Experience’.

– Faris Hadad-Zervos, World Bank Country Manager, Nepal


Lincoln is a “dream big” school and with our community’s help and support, we make those dreams come true.

– David Tomasini (Former Secondary Music Teacher)

Lincoln’s diversity, history and values make it a very special and unique community. From world class facilities, to personalized learning there are opportunities for everyone to grow individually and collectively.

– Luke Davis (Alumnus and Director of Activities)


Lincoln is a rare community to come by because it’s a place where there is room for everyone and it fosters an atmosphere that allows students to discover passions.

– Sonam Davis (Class of 2013)

Lincoln School provided great resources for me and shaped me to discover my purpose and place in the world, which led me to Pepperdine University, swimming for their division one swimming team and pursuing a career in psychology.

– Sofia Shah (Class of 2015)

Lincoln School opened doors for me. I loved Lincoln School and it loved me back.

– Adhish Gurung (Class of 2007)

I was at Lincoln School from kindergarten until graduation. The school instilled important values of community, dedication, and being opportunistic. Lincoln encourages its students to believe that any goal is possible with the right mindset, grit, and resources.

– Suraj Karmacharya (Investment Banking at Barclays in London, Class of 2010)

It’s like the world in one place.

– Maiya Justice (Class of 2020)