Health Services

The Health Office is staffed by the school nurse and the health office administrative assistant. The school nurse is present at school every school day, providing professional nursing services. The school nurse functions to protect and promote student health, safety and academic success by:

• providing evidence-based health care, including first aid and emergency care;
• maintaining health records to ensure individualized health care and health promotion;
• prevention and control of infectious diseases;
• administration of medications and supervision of medication use by students;
• assisting in the management of health conditions such as asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures;
• providing health education to students, staff and parents;
• providing parents and staff with referral information regarding local health care providers and services;
• supporting the management of a safe school environment; and
• promoting and supporting emergency preparedness at school and in the community.

The school nurse is an integral part of the school supporting the welfare of each student.