#fitsnowleopards – April Fitness Opportunity!

#fitsnowleopards! What an opportunity to work on your fitness goals, or as Mr. Nielsen would say, “feed the warrior!” A little bit of planning, discipline and energy, and you can get (or stay) in great shape during this time. Fill out this form each time you complete at least 30 minutes of exercise. Each student/parent/staff/alumni that successfully enters a minimum of 30 exercise sessions for the month of April will receive a limited edition “Celebrating 65 Years” LS t-shirt or hoodie and a Certificate of Completion. At the end of the 30 days, don’t forget to attach your selfie to be featured on Lincoln School’s social media and to be celebrated! Not sure how to train or what exercises to do? Here is a list of personal fitness resources. You can use the sheets at the bottom of the document and find age-appropriate workouts to suit your needs. Good luck and enjoy your April fitness journey!