Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – School Closure

Please return all work (complete or incomplete) on Monday, November 26, 2018.

If you have any questions about the work included in your son/daughter’s envelope, I will be available via email throughout the day.


  • In the envelope, there are three pieces of paper stapled together.
  • Your son/daughter has been working on writing narrative stories.
    • Your child will begin with telling a story and touching each page stating what happened at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.
    • Your child will then quickly draw a picture on each page to remind him/her of what is happening on that page.
    • Then go back and draw a more detailed picture including labels.
    • Finally, write the words that match the picture to tell the story.


  • Ten Bears on a Bus
    • Instead of using counters, use two different objects like coins, cereal, beans, or buttons to help fill in the ten-frame
  • Representations Recording Sheet
    • Your child should choose a number between 1-10 to represent four different ways (tally marks, ten-frame, words, pictures, numeral)
  • I See My Shapes Book
    • Please have your son/daughter read and color this book
  • Using the hundred chart sent home on Monday, practice skip-counting by tens

Other math practice could include:

  • Skip counting by 10s starting at 10 to 100
  • Skip counting by 5s starting at 5
  • Skip counting by 2s
  • Skip counting by 10s starting at a number other than 10
  • Counting by 1s from a number other than 1
  • Identifying shapes around the room/house/outside
  • Naming the position of different items (above, below, on, under, next to, between, behind, in)
  • Completing a number story:
    • Ms. Iris sang 4 songs with Primary 1 and 3 more with Grade 1. How many songs did she sing in total?
    • Mrs. Rinker read 3 books on Monday, 2 books on Tuesday, and 4 books on Wednesday. How many books did she read altogether?


  • Please visit the assignment page of your child’s Raz-Kids account, as there are assigned books to listen to.
  • The book included in your child’s envelope belongs to the class library, please ensure that it is returned on Monday, November 26.
  • In addition to Raz-Kids for reading, please visit
    • Username: lincolnnepal
    • Password: books


  • Please choose 2 videos to watch from the list below:
    • Username: lskbrainpop
    • Password: snowleopard

  • Using the blank piece of paper provided, please ask your child to write the name of and draw a picture of an animal he/she would like to learn more about in class.

 Social Studies

  • Please watch the following video on reading maps (use the login information from above).

Please complete the map and globe worksheet included in the envelope.