Boys’ Volleyball Team Shows Tremendous Growth at Tournament

Boys’ Volleyball Team Shows Tremendous Growth at Tournament

Lincoln School hosted a mini-volleyball tournament on the 26th of September, where three club teams from around the valley were invited to play the Lincoln Boys’ Volleyball team. This was a big challenge for all the players on the team and it was a great learning experience. As a senior player on the Lincoln School boys’ volleyball team, I have seen multiple teams in the past with phenomenal individual players who single handedly drove teams to win games, but we know success takes so much more than one good player. This weekend I felt that I was a part of a team that would give it their all to win, not for individual pride, but for each other and as a family that works in harmony. We as a team do not posses many players who have a great deal of experience under their belts. In fact, we have three returning players from last year’s team, meaning our team is comprised mostly of young athletes who are new to volleyball.

We started our day with a warm-up game against the faculty, which ended in defeat. Following that, we had a great deal to improve for our games against the clubs. We took a break before resuming the mini tournament to speak about all the little problems we were facing on the court, and in the second game we came out with a bang! We fixed all the little issues and played volleyball on a whole new level. We seemed to have shocked ourselves. We won the the game in an intense 3 set battle. The feeling was exhilarating. Then, we had a game that followed in quick succession, where we managed to bust through the ceiling and perform as a top class team. We beat the second club team in straight sets. We were beginning to come together as a great team. Finally, we had our final game against the Jawalakhel Volleyball Youth Club, a team with huge amounts of experience, who dominated us the first time we played against them. It was as if we were morphed together as a singular organism controlled by one fixed mind, filling in gaps of each other’s weaknesses and enhancing strengths of others. It was a very tight game with just small differences in the score line.

We have a very young and enthusiastic team this year who are eager to learn and improve. Lincoln has seen better volleyball teams with better individuals, but over the next few weeks we shall challenge ourselves to be the best we are capable of becoming.

By Suryansh Vaidya

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