SAISA Badminton 2016

Lincoln School once again participated in the SAISA tournament for Badminton in Mumbai, India. This being the second year of our proper SAISA team, our skills and confidence had improved by a country mile and we headed out with the mindset to improve, and to have fun. We took off from Kathmandu on the 3rd of February, and after a long and tiring flight we had made it to beautiful and humid Mumbai. The next day began our three-day journey of a very testing Badminton tournament.
Lincoln school played the first game against the JV team of AISC, and emerged victorious, which gave the whole team a big boost of confidence in the tournament. After lunch, we played against AISD which were the toughest team on the court, and though we lost we came extremely close with each individual game. The second day we faced off against the varsity team from Bombay, as well as the JV team. Although we lost to the varsity team, we came painfully close to the JV with a score of 9-7. Overall, we finished 7th, which was an improvement from last year in which we finished last.
We made a lot of new friends, and worked our hardest. This SAISA was one of the best SAISAs the team had experienced, as we all got closer together over the span of the practices, and the tournaments. We encouraged each other on, shared a lot of laughs and worked our hardest to reach where we are now. It was the best experience for me being the captain of this incredible team, and I wish them all the best for next year. 
– Prarup Ghimire