Empowerment Story

Ms. Somerville
September 8 2016

My Second Family   
It was 2014 and baseball season was here. There was nothing more thrilling than the start of baseball season. It was and always will be my favorite sport. Months before baseball season was ready to begin I was ready to play. It was my fourth and last season to play, and every year I was more eager than ever. On the day the season started, I went to school knowing that I had my first practice of the season that day. The day seemed to pass slowly, as I waited with anticipation for Language Arts, P.E, Social Studies, Science, and then Math to end. When the day finally ended, I boarded the bus to return home and change my clothes. My anticipation for practice grew as I put on my baseball pants and cleats. Moments later, I hopped in the car with three of my friends to carpool to practice. As we arrived, I could see that no one else was there, except for one other teammate and the head coach. We walked onto the field and put our bags on the hooks/benches and got our equipment out. We warmed up for about 10 minutes until other members of the team started to show up. Once everyone was there the coaches started to explain to the team what the new season would look like. Afterward, we began to field balls and practice hitting.  I was on top of the world.  The day was as fantastic as I had imagined.
Practice after practice, our skills improved and the team came together as a whole. The team spent countless hours working hard together to become the best it could. In no time, we became not just a team, but also family. Before our first game, we decided to have a team get-together at someone’s house, so that we could get to know each other better. We played darts, pool, and NBA 2K14. This bonding experience was probably the best thing possible for the team. It helped to create a closeness and a feeling of trust as a group. We knew we could rely and depend on each other.
After the fifth practice, it was time for our first game. I woke up on game day feeling thrilled. I went through my usual morning routine which involved showering, putting on my baseball clothes, eating a nutritious bowl of cereal with a banana and a cold glass of milk, gathering my baseball articles and placing them into my sports bag, and finally putting on my beloved cap. As soon as I finished my routine, my dad and I headed to the field. We usually arrived an hour prior to the start of the game to watch other games. Once the game before ours finished our team walked to the dugout with a feeling of pride, optimism, and excitement. We took our gloves and began to warm up.  Soon, the umpire signaled, and we took our positions on the field.  Nine innings passed. The game was close, but we won! Everyone jumped with excitement and cheered joyfully.
Game after game, practice after practice, the season went by. We had a 12 game winning streak. We had one more game to go, one more game to win… the finals … and it would be an amazing, undefeated season. If we were to win this game we would be the first team in the league to be undefeated. This last game was the most important one of our season as well as of our lives. We had come this far and we knew it was our destiny to win. We could not let each other down. I opened my eyes on the final game morning. The weight of the day was on my shoulders. I knew I would be pitching and that I had to be perfect.  I completed my morning routine knowing it would be my last one ever on this particular field with this particular team. All I could feel was my heart pounding and beating against my chest like the wings of a baby bird’s first flight. Before I could even take my next breath the game was ready to begin. It was like time was literally flying. Both teams lined up and shook each others’ hands and then without any delay the game started. 1, 2, 3, 4 innings later and so on and so forth … we battled our opponents. I pitched a nearly perfect game. When the other team was able to get a hit, my teammates backed me up and made out after out.  The game was over as fast as it started. WE WON! We were beside ourselves.  We collapsed in a team hug with tears in our eyes. Everyone’s face was filled with smiles as if they had found a pot of gold. We were awestruck. This is what we wanted to achieve since day one and it had been done.
This was the best baseball season of my life. I was so proud of the team, and of myself. During the season I helped multiple teammates improve. Many reached out to me to tell me that I had made a huge impact on them … for taking the time to build their skills, for being a loyal friend, and for being a leader. The team had achieved everything it had hoped. We not only won the title, but we also won each others’ hearts, respect, and friendship. The memories that we made together will last a lifetime. We created an unbreakable bond. In the end, more than anything, we created a family. It was a family that wasn’t just built on reliability and dependability, but also built on love.. Brotherly Love.