Bryant University Visits Lincoln

Lincoln School hosts college admission representatives from all over the world through the year. Today we were visited by a representative from Bryant University in Rhode Island who shared with students information about their academic program, financial aid options, their test-optional* alternative to SATs, and application process.

*Wondering what test-optional means? Many schools are moving away from requiring the SAT as the only measure of a student’s ability, and instead offering other options to demonstrate their ability to succeed in college. While the process varies among the schools that have test-optional processes, many include a portfolio option or essay questions. Here is the statement from Bryant University’s website:

“Here at Bryant, we offer an education—and an admission process—that’s focused on the whole person. We know that sometimes test results may not be an accurate indicator of an applicant’s overall ability to succeed in college. The test optional alternative allows us to consider your strengths that may be demonstrated in areas other than your ACT or SAT score.”