Week 6 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,

It was fun to see the kids turn on their best smiles for the camera today


  • The kids are trying to find words that they know in a story and read them.
  • They are using all that they know about letters and sounds to decode tricky words.
  • They have been rereading old favorites as they prepare to celebrate their reading with their Grade 3 buddy next week.


  • The kids have been focusing on adding more details to their writing.
  • They have learned how to add speech bubbles.
  • They have been saying words multiple times as to listen for and write as many sounds as possible.


  • They learned to play different math games this week.
  • They practiced making, extending, and copying patterns.
  • They drew on each other’s backs and tried to guess the shape.
  • They have been counting.

They had a lot of fun counting skittles and graphing each color.

Science/Social Studies

The kids were introduced to our science mini-unit in weather this week.

  • They brainstormed different types of weather.
  • They thought of and asked questions about weather, like “What is a blizzard?”.
  • They asked and then learned about rainbows.
  • They learned about temperature and that a thermometer is used to measure it.
  • We did different experiments this week that included making a rainbow using a prism and testing to see what objects will melt in the afternoon heat.

We will continue with our mini-unit next week by answering the following questions.

  1. Where does rain come from?
  2. What is precipitation?
  3. What is a blizzard/tornado/hurricane?


  • The kids continue to do “Turn and Talk” with a partner.
  • The kids have begun giving “Shout Outs” to their classmates when they notice someone doing something interesting or well.


The kids have been using IXL in class to help support their learning.

They have been using Raz-Kids.


If your child gets the lunch provided by the canteen, please remember to submit the lunch order this weekend. Also, contact the front office by 9:30am if you need to cancel a lunch order in the future for any reason.

On Wednesdays we will go to the library, where the kids can check out books and take them home to read. Please be sure to send them back each Wednesday so that your child can check out new books.

PE is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please remember to send your child with their swimming costume, towel, and goggles.

Take Home Folder

Please send the folder back with your child each day.

This weekend, I would recommend logging into Raz-Kids so that your child may listen to different stories. Also, lessons H.1-H.5 under Patterns on IXL would reinforce what we did this week in class.

Kindest Regards,
Colleen and Tripta