Eggstreme Engineering Egg Drop 1

The Eggstreme Engineering Exploratory (EEE) class tested the first design of their egg drop contraptions today. Much in the same way aerospace engineers design capsules to protect astronauts who return to earth, the EEE students designed and built devices to protect a raw egg when dropped off the balcony down to the stone patio below. There were a wide variety of designs with some groups opting to use homemade parachutes to slow the decent and others using popcorn to cushion the landing and others who used balloons to add air resistance and still others who tried all three techniques at once. In the end 75% of the designs were successful. Which means a few groups will go back to their drawing boards to improve their design while the others will have to decide if they think their contraptions will hold up for the next drop which will be from twice as high.