Week 16 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,

Another short week in Primary 1, and even though it was short, it was very productive. Ms. Tripta and I would like to wish everyone who is celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving!


During our small group work, we have been focusing on skills to make their reading more fluent.  The kids continue to read each day on their own and with a partner. One of the skills the kids have been practicing is “book talk” which is where they talk with a friend about the book they are reading without revealing the ending.


The kids have continued to work on their favorite story for publishing. They are working on creating titles that are related to their stories for the front cover.


 The kids were introduced to the calculator this week by solving addition problems. The kids also completed a survey where they asked their friends their favorite color and recorded the data.

 Science/Social Studies

 In science, we finished up our unit on living and nonliving things. The kids shared all that they learned when they completed their science notebook.

In social studies, we talked about Thanksgiving. We discussed how it started and how it is celebrated today. Kids from the class who celebrate Thanksgiving shared their traditions. We also talked about how we can be thankful everyday for things we have and things we can do. The kids shared each day one thing they are thankful for. The kids created a paper bag turkey puppet with the PS/PK class as a fun activity to celebrate Thanksgiving.


No school on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24.

Please remember to order your son or daughter’s lunch for the upcoming week.

Take Home Folder

 Please send the folder back with your child each day.

This weekend, I would recommend logging into Raz-Kids so that your child may listen to different stories, and/or logging into IXL for your child to practice a variety of math skills.

 Kindest Regards,
Colleen and Tripta

3 Days of Thankfulness

I am thankful for…

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Aarya Being Canadian Having a birthday badge from Australia Being able to read
Ella Kate My shoes My jacket My teachers and friends
Lilly My pants   My toys
Palden Everybody in my family My new toys Liam because he plays with me
Mckenzie All of my toys My clothes My family
Mike My bike My Lego toys Being able to write
Liam My toys Bottles Fossils
Alisha My family My books Being able to read
Tegan My friends My dresses Ms. Tripta
Zian My friends My Lego toys My family