Portrait of an Artist


On January 18th, English 11 showcased their research and presentation skills in an event titled, “Portrait of an Artist.” Each student became an artist who advocates for a social cause or global issue by using their art as a change agent.

English 11 artist advocates were available in the secondary library for a Gallery Walk “meet and greet,” sharing their work and purpose with an audience ranging from grade 7-12, as well as teachers and administrators, and parents.

Seven “artists,” nominated by their peers, presented in a TEDx style format in Ms. Somerville’s room. The presentations were well-attended and received critical acclaim.  One audience member responded, “I really enjoyed the ones that I got to see. All were very good… Vishesh was charismatic, Aarya had me from the beginning… and Dane also really stood out to me because he seemed so passionate about the underworld of the ocean and caring for it and its species.”