Week 22 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,
The kids started their week by reading with their Grade 3 buddies. Everyone had a great time!
In reading, the kids have been focusing on being careful by asking the following questions:
1. Does it make sense?
2. Does it sound right?
3. Does it look right?
These questions help them go back and fix up their reading. We continue to work in small groups to focus on spelling, unscrambling sentences, phonics, snap words, and more.
In writing, the kids continue to work on their teaching books (How-To). They have been adding more details to each page to help make their books easier to follow along. As well as adding warnings, suggestions, and tips for the reader.
In math, the kids measured the height of their partner with string, solved number stories, compared lengths of objects, and created a graph.
In science, the kids are preparing to share about their chosen animal with the class. They have been working on researching what their animal looks like, what it eats, where it lives, and other interesting facts.
The kids are extremely excited for the field trip on Monday. I look forward to seeing the parents who said they could come.
Kindest Regards,