Week 23 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,
This week was busy! The kids enjoyed the field trip to the Central Zoo on Monday, and on Thursday they helped welcome all the SAISA competitors.
In reading, the kids continue to work on their fluency and understanding. They practiced looking for words they know on a page before reading it, and they looked for patterns within their books. We continue to work in small groups to focus specific skills.
In writing, the kids have been adding lists to their teaching books to tell the reader the supplies he/she will need to get started. They have also added dedication pages because they would like to thank someone special for inspiring their writing or helping them make it better.
In math, the kids were introduced to 3D shapes. They solved problems, like whether or not they are tall enough to ride an imaginary amusement park ride. The students needed to determine how tall they were using sticky notes and then compare it to the number required to ride. It was a lot of fun!
In science, the kids presented their animal posters and shared what they learned about their chosen animal. They also learned about food chains (producers, consumers, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores). They created their own food chain that is displayed in class.
Important Dates
Mini-Break – February 15-19 (school resumes on the 20th)
Reading and Writing Celebration – Friday, March 2 at 8:15-8:45