Week 27 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,
Another fun and productive week in P1! Just a reminder that next Friday, March 16 is the date for Student-Led Conferences.There are still many times available. If you are unable to find a time that suits your schedule, please let me know.
In reading, we started a new unit of study. The kids are focusing on becoming avid readers. They are reacting to funny, sad, happy, scary, and exciting parts of their books. They have been making connections to the characters by talking about feelings. They are sharing these feelings with a partner.
In writing, the kids have started a new unit of study. They have begun to write their opinions on different topics. This week many kids made posters to convince others to walk in the hallways or to not share food. We talked about looking around the classroom, school, and community to find problems and figure out ways to fix them. They learned to write reasons along with their opinion to convince others.
In math, the kids played Bingo to reinforce their addition skills and used a calculator to check their sums. They named solid shapes and played a match-up game with their partner. They practiced making a pan balance level using different objects in each bucket.
In science, we read The Lorax and discussed the impact humans have had on the planet. We discussed both positive and negative impacts. We also discussed how animals can impact their environment.
Important Dates

Saturday, March 10 – LSPA “The Great Lincoln Gala,” at 6:30 pm at the Soaltee Crown Plaza Hotel, Rs. 4,000

Friday, March 16, 2018 – Student-Led Conferences
Saturday, March 24, 2018 – International Day (more information to come)