Week 28 in Primary 1

Good afternoon,
The kids set reading goals for themselves this week. Many of them want to be able to read more challenging books with trickier words. We have been focusing on their goals during small group work. The kids have learned about “reading playdates”, which is where they get to play games, play school, or play pretend when partner reading. They are loving this new approach to reading with a partner. They have even learned to improvise by adding in extra dialogue when acting out a part of a book.
In writing, the kids continue to write persuasive letters, lists, songs, and stories. They are passionate about making the class, school, and community a better place. They are learning to write their opinion and be convincing by adding reasons for why someone should agree with them.
In math, the kids practiced estimated different items in jars. They made some reasonable estimations based on their knowledge of each item (counters, unifex cubes, links, hexagons). They practiced using a pan-balance to make it level with different items on each side.
In science, the kids learned about renewable and nonrenewable resources. They learned about how people use natural resources to make other useful things.
Important Dates:

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – International Day

-The event begins at 11 am and will end around 2 pm
-P1 will be performing and sharing service learning information