Lincoln Girls’ Football Wins Hearts in Colombo

COLOMBO, Sri-Lanka. — Despite being a young team comprised almost entirely of middle-schoolers and freshmen, the Lincoln School girls football team kicked off the season with high heads and spirited hearts. The NISSA games began almost immediately, and it didn’t take long to feel the void past teammates had left. There were a few games where we played really well, but as a fairly inexperienced team, we felt a lack of “gel” and as a result, didn’t place as well as we would have liked or had expected at the final tournament.

Even so, we weren’t put down. In the next month and half, we came to each practice with bright smiles and an eagerness to learn, and in the process, developed not only our stamina and skills, but also our relationships with one another. More challenges were faced as two key players announced they couldn’t travel and while it was a setback, we kept moving forward. We were willing to do anything to ensure a successful SAISA. Some of us would even practice wearing extra clothing to prepare us for the heat and humidity awaiting us at Colombo, Sri Lanka, but the second we stepped out of the airplane, we laughed, knowing it had in no way done so.

Thursday, April 19th came quickly, and SAISA was finally underway. We began the tournament strong, winning both our games on the first day 3-0. Our offense was an unstoppable force, shooting ball after ball and sending six of them to the back of the opponent’s net. Our defense, with our star goalie, Sarya, behind us, also displayed immense strength, with interrupting each run and deflecting every shot. At the end of the first day, we were feeling quite spirited, being the only team to have conceded zero goals; we were on our way to being one of the first seed teams into the semis.

After drawing 0-0 with AISD, all we needed was a point from our fourth game against the home team, OSC, to progress to the semis. Their entire school was present cheering for their team, and it got to us. We starting making mistakes, and before the end of the first half, we had conceded a goal. We played significantly better in the second half; we sent shot after shot at their goal but unfortunately, none of them went in. Then things took a turn for the worst. A lightning storm broke, and not too long into it, our goalie got injured after colliding with another player. With the thunderstorm getting closer, there were shouts to get off the pitch, people directing us to the gym, cries for Sarya, and tears knowing we weren’t going to make it to the semis.

At the end of the day, we all learned valuable lessons. Not just in regard to football, but life as well. Win some, lose some, but no matter what we’d provide unconditional support to each other. As Coach Anne put it, even the greatest teams can lose to anyone on a bad day. We knew what our mistakes were and made it our mission to correct it in our next game. We played our last game against ASB the following day and honestly, it was one of our best games in the entire season. We made strong, accurate passes, took shots when we could and even though we had to find a last minute, replacement goalie, we only conceded one goal.

We finished the tournament in 6th place, which is amazing considering we scored six goals and only conceded two in our five matches.  While it wasn’t what we had hoped for, I couldn’t be prouder of the selfless dedication, determination, support, and spirit that this group of girls displayed not only over SAISA, but the entire season.

Go Lady Leopards!

By Niharika

Secondary Art and Design Exhibitions

Secondary Art and Design students have participated in a couple of great events this month. High School Design students recently presented their architecture and industrial design projects in the gallery. They also participated in a fashion design competition; in collaboration with the choir class, they worked in teams to create garments from recycled materials. Middle and high school Art students exhibited their paintings, sculptures, animations and videos in an exhibition on Friday afternoon. Here are some videos and photos from the events.

Thanks to Ms. Poonam for capturing footage of the fashion show! You can view clips from Geng, Ghezala, Elisa & GloryAryaman, Maya, Hamal, Ayushma & Sarya, as well as Jiyun, Olivia, Jeongyun, Mae-line & Tisa.

Lincoln goes to SAISA Music!

During Season 3 SAISA, 6 musicians and 2 chaperones traveled to Chennai, India to partake in SAISA Music 2018. The theme this year was “Beyond Borders” and the repertoire was diverse, inclusive, and challenging. After three days of long, intensive rehearsals our 6 musicians with 100 others from surrounding SAISA schools gave an amazing performance!
Check out the Gala Concert at the link below:

Poetry Month Highlights

The school-wide celebration of April as Poetry Month continues with activities and events such as decorating the “poetrees,” Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day, book spine poetry, various poetry readings and cafés. Enjoy the photo gallery of highlights! And please, stop-by to add your favorite poem to the “poetrees” located in the library foyer.

G5 Service Learning: Vermicastings Galore!

It would be safe to say by now, that everyone in Lincoln Elementary knows the fifth graders are our resident experts on red worms and vermicomposting.

The fifth graders started the red worm journey earlier this year by creating their own vermicompost in jars inside the classroom. Then, we moved on to designing a larger compost bin for our growing population of red worms in the Lincoln School garden. We were able to harvest a lot of vermicast which has proven to be very nutritious for plants. These vermicasts sold out when we had them up for sale during International Day last month.

So, it may not come as a surprise but the fifth graders have decided to integrate our knowledge and expertise on vermicomposting with our service learning project this year! As part of this project, students will be sharing their knowledge on vermicomposting with students from other local schools in our community. We hope that having a compost bin in their schools will allow the local students to manage their food waste better and further use the vermicasts in their vegetable gardens so that they can, in return, grow their own food.

Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 1
Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 2


Screwing pieces in place once we figured out where it went
Screwing in pieces once we figured out where it went

Step one of this process was to build the compost bins! The fifth graders worked in teams to make these wooden boxes under the guidance and careful supervision of our school carpenters. The fifth graders handled the task very maturely and were done in no time!

Working on the last piece: the cover of the compost bin.

Our next step in the completion of this project will be working with the local students. Please stay tuned to learn more about Grade Five’s Service Learning Project.

The Word Warriors Launch Poetry Month

With their courage to address important social issues , as well as the ability to accommodate lighter topics such as cooking, iPhones and being a “nerd,” once again Kathmandu’s very own Word Warriors commanded the stage with verse, rhyme, rhythm and truth. The secondary school audience was engaged throughout, and are hopefully inspired to express themselves through spoken word poetry in the upcoming noncompetitive “Poetry Slam” on May 4th.


ES Students Participate in Curry Without Worry

As part of a recent service project,  elementary students from Roots and Shoots and Leader In Me collaborated with the Umbrella Foundation to provide a hot and healthy meal for approximately 300 individuals in and around Kathmandu Durbar Square. The event was sponsored by Curry Without Worry which prepares meals every Tuesday. Our students prepped vegetables, tested their culinary skills, and recognized the value of helping others by volunteering their time.