G5 Service Learning: Vermicastings Galore!

It would be safe to say by now, that everyone in Lincoln Elementary knows the fifth graders are our resident experts on red worms and vermicomposting.

The fifth graders started the red worm journey earlier this year by creating their own vermicompost in jars inside the classroom. Then, we moved on to designing a larger compost bin for our growing population of red worms in the Lincoln School garden. We were able to harvest a lot of vermicast which has proven to be very nutritious for plants. These vermicasts sold out when we had them up for sale during International Day last month.

So, it may not come as a surprise but the fifth graders have decided to integrate our knowledge and expertise on vermicomposting with our service learning project this year! As part of this project, students will be sharing their knowledge on vermicomposting with students from other local schools in our community. We hope that having a compost bin in their schools will allow the local students to manage their food waste better and further use the vermicasts in their vegetable gardens so that they can, in return, grow their own food.

Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 1

Working together to figure out which piece goes where… Part 2


Screwing pieces in place once we figured out where it went

Screwing in pieces once we figured out where it went

Step one of this process was to build the compost bins! The fifth graders worked in teams to make these wooden boxes under the guidance and careful supervision of our school carpenters. The fifth graders handled the task very maturely and were done in no time!

Working on the last piece: the cover of the compost bin.

Our next step in the completion of this project will be working with the local students. Please stay tuned to learn more about Grade Five’s Service Learning Project.