Mystery Skype

Grade Five and Students From Taipei American School Play Hide and Seek!

This morning students in Grade Five were on the hunt to discover where students on the other end of a Skype call were. We used our knowledge of geography and several different types of maps to determine they were in Taipei.  Our new friends were also successful in tracking us down to Kathmandu. After the game, each class shared some information about our school, country, and culture. What a great way to start the day!

Lincoln Alumni Gathering a Smashing Success!

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — On the evening of Saturday, May 19th, over 60 Lincoln School Alumni spanning over a 30 year period congregated on our campus to reminisce with old friends, develop new connections, share ideas and simply enjoy the occasion with high-class Snow Leopard company and delicious food. The evening began in the Library foyer with Chandra Dai and Hoshi serving drinks and snacks, before we moved up to a decorated rooftop to enjoy a specially catered dinner,  good conversation and welcome speeches by Director Ramsey and LS Alum, Luke Davis.

Lincoln School is taking active steps to strengthen its Alumni network in order to further develop the student experience. During the evening, wonderful connections were made and real possibilities imagined to continue to make Lincoln School the special place it is for our alumni, as well as our present and future students.

Lincoln Youth Football Team Triumph in LS 9-A-Side Tournament!

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — On Saturday, May 19th, Lincoln School hosted an inter-school 9-a-side U-14 football tournament for our youth football teams and other local schools in Kathmandu – Rato Bangala School, Premier International School and GEMS. Due to many participants in our program, Lincoln contributed two teams to the tournament, “Lincoln Red” and “Lincoln White”.

The tournament kicked off with Lincoln Red taking on last year’s finalists, Premier International. In a keenly contested match, both teams scored from free-kicks with the game finishing 1-1. Lincoln Red then triumphed over Lincoln White (4-0) and Rato Bangala School (1-0). While the Lincoln White team was mostly comprised of younger, less experienced players, their attitude was fantastic and the team played their heart out in each game. However, coming into the last game before the final, all of GEMS, Premier International School and Lincoln Red were tied on points, meaning that Lincoln Red had to defeat GEMS to go to the final. The game was tied 1-1 after normal time, but the Reds earned a penalty in extra time to send the ecstatic Lincoln players into the final, where they had to play Premier International once more. In a cagey affair, neither team was able to unlock their opponents’ defense and the tournament would be decided on the lottery of a penalty shootout. Grade 7 student, Goethe, was the hero in the shootout, scoring his goal and then saving Premier’s penalties to help Lincoln to victory!

Lincoln Swimmers Sizzle in the Pool in Fun Finale Meet

KATHMANDU, Nepal. — The evening of Friday, May 25th saw 60 Lincoln Elementary and Middle School swimmers jump into our pool to race and showcase their development in both LS swim clubs and Physical Education classes this year. We also invited 30 swimmers from Nisarga Batika School to join the fun in 25 and 50 meter events in the four competitive strokes. Swimmers in purple to green caps, along with our swim team members in Middle School, powered through the water with many personal best performances. Cheered on by a large crowd, it was great to see swimmers of varying ages and abilities give their best in the water. The meet also saw seven school records broken; Nasir lowered his personal marks in the 50 free, back, breast, fly and 100 IM, while Isabella broke records in the 50 back and then swam the joint fastest 50 meter freestyle time for girls in Lincoln history with a time of 29.33. Congratulations to all! 

Pitch to the Panel Finale

For the second year, students from the upper elementary participated in a unique public speaking event called Pitch to the Panel. As part of their persuasive writing units, students crafted speeches based on a topic that they felt was a concern or needed to change within our community. They researched, organized and rehearsed their arguments before passionately presenting them to the panel. The Panel, comprised of teachers and secondary students listened closely and provided productive and positive feedback to each participant. Topics covered issues such as air pollution, stray animals, and fundraising to help others.

After deliberations, the Panel chose one topic from each grade level to support and work toward to bring to fruition for next year. The selected projects included new safety signs for the elementary playground, healthier food in the canteen, and having more mosquito repellent plants around campus.

Congratulations to all the student activists who participated!

Grade 3 Goes to Sneha’s Care Dog Center

Recently, the Grade 3 students journeyed to Sneha’s Care Dog Center to learn more about the concerns around street dogs in Kathmandu as well as spend some time taking care of the dogs. They found big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, excited dogs, and puppies who were all waiting for some well-deserved attention! This field trip was part of their service learning project to find out how animals are taken care of in Kathmandu. After all of their learning about both donkeys in the brick factories and dogs on the street, the students decided they’d love to visit the dogs at Sneha’s Care and help groom them, walk them, feed them, and most of all pet them! They were even able to see how the center used small wheelchairs for dogs who were paralyzed. The students were amazed how these dogs could zoom everywhere and enjoy life with the rest of the dogs! If you are interested in volunteering with or learning more about how to help Kathmandu’s street dog population, check out their website at The dogs would wag their tails for more attention!

Cross Grade Level Poetry Stations

This week Lincoln School further enriched its poetry program with cross grade level poetry stations. The idea was generated by a high school student serving on the Poetry Forum who thought that there should be more cross-age activities to promote our community’s shared passion for language. Mr. O’Sullivan supported the idea by suggesting that elementary library time could be used, and Ms. Somerville sheltered class time for her high school students to create age-appropriate poetry activities that were also an extension of their own previous learning.

English 10 paired with Mrs. Jewett’s Grade 1 to write quatrains that rhymed a-a-b-b and to explore poems-for-two-voices about insects.

English 11 paired with Mr. Broker’s Grade 5 for stations themed on mythical creatures, closely reading and discussing Fleischman’s “Phoenix” and Blake’s “The Tyger” with poetry buddies before crafting lines of their own.

The engagement and passion for poetry was evident as the library hummed with rhyme and laughter.

Grade 1’s Final Reading & Writing Celebration

Grade 1 had a blast at our final Reading & Writing Celebration of the year! Upon finishing the “Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons” and “From Scenes to Series” units, students were ready to recommend books they love and share their own published series of realistic fiction stories!

Thank you to all the family members and friends who joined us and experienced the hard work our class has done in reading and writing this year! Everyone has made great progress and can be proud of his/her achievements!

Grade 4 Kuleshwor Visit

Grade 4 students ventured back to Kuleshwor School Friday, May 11, for another fun-filled afternoon.  As part of the G4 service learning project, this was the third trip to the school and the focus this time was on games and activities. Our Lincoln students spent the prior week learning math games and PE activities so they could teach them to the Nepali students.

Mr. Craig and Mr. Anuj joined in the festivities and facilitated the outdoors activities (HulaHut Battle), while Mrs. Bijaya and I helped inside with the math games.  Lincoln School students, as well as the Kuleshwor School students, had a blast and didn’t want the fun to end.