Snow Leopards Stay on Track in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan. — This year SAISA Track and Field was exceptionally strong. We took 28 athletes with us to Jordan, up from only 15 athletes last year! Our team broke eleven school records including both the 4×100 and the 4×400 relay records for the Girls 13-14. The Lincoln team frequently found themselves on the podium, especially the Girls 10-12 and the Girls 13-14. They were Champions and runners-up respectively. Our team worked hard during practice, and we persevered through all the difficult sets our coaches put us through. This persistence and determination led us to perform incredibly during the tournament. Our coaches supported us mentally and physically before our races and helped us to reflect on our races after. We then visited the Dead Sea, which was another experience none of us will ever forget. All in all, it was a great Track meet, and a successful end to SAISA for another year. Looking forward to running away with it next year!

-Akshara S