Launch of The Leopards’ Lair!

On October 12th, the eleventh grade Innovation Lab hosted The Leopards’ Lair, Lincoln’s first ever investment-seeking event. Seven 11th grade businesses entered the lair to compete for investment from the leopards.

Who are the leopards? They are high school students, staff members, and parents who had an opportunity to become investors.

Following an engaging round of business pitches in The Globe Theater, leopards were invited into the Gallery to buy shares of the eleventh grade businesses. A total of 60 shares were on sale and we are excited to report that every business SOLD OUT! Thank you, leopards, for your support!

All businesses will declare their profits on December 7th. Dividends will be paid to all investors during the last week of school before Winter Break. 

Pictured below: Excited investors!


PLUM Presents “The Ideal Day”

The student organization PLUM is one of nine shortlisted videos for the ‘Dignified Menstruation Film Competition’, presented by DanChurchAid. In their short film, PLUM imagines what the ideal day would be like for a menstruating girl.

For the next ten days (till October 11, 12 AM-midnight), the total number of likes/comments/views/shares (40% weightage) on each video combined with the scores from judges (60%) will decide the top three videos of the competition. Only likes/comments/shares/views for video on the DCA Nepal page will be counted.

Please support PLUM by liking and sharing their video on facebook!

Welcome Back Picnic Brings Community Together

The Lincoln School Welcome Back Picnic was happy-blue and sunshine yellow. From majestic bouncy castles, to the Gr.5 smashing single release of, “Notorious D.O.G,” to save the street dogs, there was something for everyone.

The ES Music team brought the packed house to their feet with thunderous applause and sentimental tears during a special rendition in Swahili.

There were several alumni vendors that provided delicious food for the event, while the Secondary Band played throughout the day.

Snow Leopard merchandise was on display for students, families, alumni and staff.

HS PLUM team and StuCo also had booths up to support causes and to raise awareness.

Thank you for coming!

Primary 1 teaches the Grade 12s Math Games!

The Primary 1 children welcomed the Grade 12 advisory students into their math lesson. The P1s taught the G12s how to play two math games using dot cards. The first game is “Top-It” where each player gets an equal amount of cards that they do not look at. At the same time, both players take a card from the top and place on the table, dots up. The player with the greater number of dots wins both cards. The second game is “Match-It” where all the cards are placed face down and each player takes turns flipping two cards over. When two cards match then the player gets to keep them. This goes on until all pairs are matched. Everyone had a great time and the P1s are looking forward to teaching the G12s new games next month!