Prakriti’s Senior Project

On January 16th, Prakriti, a Lincoln School senior, organized and hosted a Maternal Health Camp as part of her year long Senior Project. She named her Maternal Health Camp, Ama Ko Maya, which translates as A Mother’s Love. 

From 10am to 2pm, four doctors and twelve nurses attended to over 60 pregnant woman, many of whom brought along their children. During the course of the day, Prakriti organized four sessions: general female health, nutrition, mother craft and breastfeeding, and antenatal (prenatal) care. After successfully hosting the Maternal Health Camp, Prakriti says she felt “relieved and ecstatic. Relieved because the sessions were successful and ecstatic for the positive impact we made on the female’s lives.”


Prakriti interviewing the doctors.

Prakriti, Doctors and Nurses at the Health Camp.

Women lining up to attend the Health Camp.