Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Rebecca Brown

Like many of our students, Rebecca is a “TCK.” Born in America to Australian parents, Rebecca grew up in the US, Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Papua New Guinea. She actually attended one of our fellow SAISA schools, the ISOI Cobras! We won’t hold that against her. Rebecca got into teaching after reading Paolo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” and realized that was her calling. “I’ve always believed that I need to be a person that can help students from a variety of backgrounds,” she said. Rebecca began teaching in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, Australia, before moving overseas to Qatar and, later, further opportunities in Saudi Arabia, India, and finally, Lincoln. “I was very impressed with how welcoming everyone was from onboarding to working within the community as a whole,” she shared. Rebecca is inspired by many things, from a beautiful sunset, to her students, to acts of compassion. We are so thankful that Rebecca is part of the compassionate Lincoln community.