Senior Spotlight – Vipaswi

From his early days in Primary 1 to the present moment, Vipaswi has made meaningful connections and a positive impact in Lincoln School. Reflecting on his time, Vipaswi’s favorite memories include winning the football tournament in middle school, playing volleyball, and participating in SAISA Track and Field. Additionally, he fondly remembered “the various crazy things my friends did during our most drama-filled period: middle school.” If given the opportunity to embody an animal, Vipaswi would choose to be a bear, particularly a panda. Pandas are comfortable and carefree, something he strives for currently. Vipaswi would trade places with Mr. Appleby, drawn to the array of electronic gadgets and devices that clutter his classroom. Vipaswi is looking forward to gaining independence by learning essential life skills such as driving and cooking. He also hopes to meet new people in university. When offering advice to his fellow students, Vipaswi emphasizes the importance of being outspoken. Vipaswi’s gratitude extends to his coaches LD, Coach Art, and Mr. Curtis, whose guidance allowed him to relish the SAISA experience. He also appreciates Mr. Appleby for making AP classes enjoyable during his final two years. He also acknowledges the support of his friends, who provided solace and sanity during the demanding “final push.” Above all, Vipaswi expresses heartfelt thanks to his parents for their unwavering love and support, always standing by his side. “They helped me make a well-rounded individual,” he said. We wish Vipaswi continued growth, fulfillment, and success in all his future endeavors, confident that he will continue to leave a lasting impact wherever his journey takes him.