World History 10 Deciphers Impacts of Colonialism

World History Grade 10 students are in the midst of studying the impacts of colonialism and the collision of civilizations. In their most recent project, students went beyond required class texts and discussions to research a single story. They sifted through diverse perspectives and then synthesized information to create engaging, historically accurate comics that examine important stories to better decipher historical impacts and legacies today. Students presented their findings in numerous ways: online apps, drawings by hand, or by creating a movie.

Above: A comic written and Illustrated by Samya – “This comic is based on the history of the Incan Empire. The time period of this comic mainly focuses on 1533 A.D. when the Spanish Conquistadors took the last Inca King, Atahualpa, hostage. The main character of this comic, Chippewa, is fictional and is purely a work of art.” (Samya)

Above: “Our full-color self-animated history video focuses on the voyages of Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who “discovered” the Americas. It shows the consequences of colonialism with both perspectives, the Indigenous people, and the Spaniards.” (Written, directed, and edited by Rizvan, Joshua, Artem, and Vipaswi)