Week 1 – Our learning this week

Our First Week!

The children have all settled in well this week. We have focused on our classroom routines and expectations.

The children have talked about our class ‘Buzzy Bee Rules’, which we will refer to throughout the year.

The children have also experienced/had training in the different areas within the classroom, which they enjoyed.

Our learning this week


We started the week focusing on getting to know each other and played lots of name games. We shared these books, which focused on starting school:

We are currently focusing on the topic ‘Ourselves’. Throughout the week we shared the story of Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox by Julia Donaldson.

We discussed the title, front cover, author, illustrator, and blurb, as well as the characters and story plot. This story was then linked to our topic focusing on the reflection of Ellen in the story.



Throughout the week we:
  • Looked at each others features, color of hair, eyes and skin
  • Painted portraits of our friends
  • Used mirrors to paint self-portraits
  • Looked at portraits by famous artists – Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Madame Matisse by Henri Matisse
  • Looked at self-portraits by Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh, then used mirrors to create our own self-portraits using chalk
  • Created faces with play dough

In math we have been:

  • Counting by rote and counting objects to 10 and above
  • Estimating how many objects the children can see and checking them by counting
  • Recognizing numbers to 10 and above
  • Creating numbers from playdough
  • Singing a range of number songs and rhymes



In phonics the Pre-School children have been developing their listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment, both indoors and outdoors. They have experienced indoor and outdoor listening walks, sound lotto, and a listening moment activity.

The phonic focus for Pre K has been m, a, s, d, t. We have been practising saying the pure sound and learning how to write each letter with a rhyme.

m – Maisie, mountain, mountain

a – Round the apple, down the leaf

s – Slither down the snake

d – Round his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet

t – Down the tower, across the tower

The children have also been singing the alphabet whilst following each letter on their alphabet strip.


We will visit the library every Tuesday and the children will be allowed to borrow 3 books each week. Mr. J, our librarian, carefully selects a range of books to read to the children during this time.

This week Mr. J visited our class to talk about the library and read to the children.

Mr. J’s visit to our class


This week the children had PE with Mr. Craig and Mr. Anuj.



The children have music each Wednesday; please see the email from Ms. Iris explaining this week’s lesson.