When you teach a language, you offer a trip. When you learn it, you do the trip. (Norbert KALFON, French teacher in Madrid)

Welcome to the Upper-Elementary French site of Lincoln School!

Why learn a new language in Elementary school?

  • Because at this age, students have a sufficient knowledge of their own language (writing and reading as well) to allow them to experience a new language.
  • Because it is a good way to masterise the own language.
  • Because it develops different transverse skills which help the student in global life (inside and outside the school) : curiosity, listening, attention, memorization, confidence,
  • Because it gives student more opportunity to become a world citizen by learning about different culture, different way of life.
What can we expect the students to acquire during these three years? (according to their age and grade)
  • Interpersonal communication : converse, provide and obtain information, express feelings, emotions, ideas, exchange opinions.
  • Interpretive communication : understand and interpret writing and speech on a variety of topics.
  • Presentational communication : present information, concepts, ideas to listeners or readers in a variety of topics.
  • Culture : approach some aspects of a different culture than their own by identifying some customs (food, celebrations,….) and performing some cultural activities (songs, games…)