Bandas Day at Home Learning

Durning Bandha days and other non-scheduled days off grade 2 students will utilize the at-home learning protocols.  The expectation is that students will bring all work to school on the first day back and turned into the classroom teacher.


Reading 30-40 Minutes.  If advance notice is given they will bring home their reading journal and some post-it notes to use as a record of their reading.


Grade 2 students will be expected to write on a topic of their choosing.  About 30 minutes of writing time will be sufficient


If prior notice is given, students will bring home their at home math journals and will work within the unit they are working on in class.  If prior notice is not given then students will work with IXL on specific lessons assigned by the classroom teacher.

Science and Social Studies

Any science or social studies work the student chooses to do should be brought to class when we return.