Secondary MAP and AP Testing Information

Dear Secondary Students and Parents,

Advanced Placement (AP)  and MAP testing will be taking place at Lincoln School over the next few weeks. The testing schedules are below; please contact Allison O’Sullivan or Molly Nielsen with any questions that you have.

AP Testing Schedule

Test Date Time
Chemistry Monday, May 7 8:00 am
Psychology Monday, May 7 Noon
Art History Tuesday, May 8 Noon
Physics 1 Tuesday, May 8 Noon
Studio Art Wednesday, May 9 8:00 am
Environmental Science Monday, May 10 Noon
Biology Monday, May 14 8:00 am
Music Theory Monday, May 14 8:00 am
Calculus AB Tuesday, May 15 8:00 am
Computer Science Tuesday, May 15 Noon
English Language and Composition Wednesday, May 16 8:00 am
Macroeconomics Wednesday, May 16 Noon
Statistics Thursday, May 17 Noon
Human Geography Friday, May 18 8:00 am
Microeconomics Friday, May 18 8:00 am

Alternative AP testing dates for conflict

Human Geography Wednesday, May 23 Noon
Microeconomics Wednesday, May 23 Noon

Middle School Map Testing

Monday May 7th
Grade 7 Language Usage 10:20am – 11:50am
Grade 6 Language Usage 12:35pm – 2:05pm
Tuesday May 8th
Grade 8: Language Usage 9:05am-10:35am
Grade 6: Reading 12:35pm-2:05pm
Wednesday May 9th
Grade 8: Reading 10:20am-11:50am
Thursday, May 10
Grade 7: Reading 10:20am-11:50am
Grade 8: Math 12:35pm – 2:05pm
Friday, May 11
Grade 6: Math 9:05am-10:34am
Grade 7: Math 12:35pm – 2:05 pm

Makeup MAP testing has been scheduled for Monday, May 14th, and Tuesday, May 15th.