Welcome New Elementary Teachers 2018-2019

We are pleased to welcome the incoming elementary teachers for the 2018-2019 school year, as well as share some internal shifts in teaching roles.

Currently working in Bali as Physical Education teacher and Curriculum Area leader, Brydie McMullan holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education and Communication. Previously, she has worked in Cambodia and Kuwait. Brydie will be joining Lincoln as our Elementary Physical and Health Education teacher.

Jane English has worked as an international educator for over twenty years in countries such as Malawi, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Her professional coursework includes work at Teachers College, Colombia and early childhood training with TTC in London. Jane was a long-term sub in the PS/PK classroom earlier this year and will be joining Lincoln as the early childhood classroom teacher next year.

Rachel Hall will be teaching Grade 3 next year. Rachel is currently working as a Literacy Specialist in Washington, D.C. and has many years of teaching in elementary classrooms. She holds an M. A. in Elementary Education and is very excited about being a member of our Lincoln community.

Janelle Carlsgaard our current Grade 3 teacher will be transitioning into the Elementary Learning Support classroom. In addition to her classroom experience, Janelle has worked as a specialist teacher, most recently in Turkey as a K-5 Literacy Specialist.

Currently teaching Primary 1, Colleen Broker will be transitioning into the Grade 1 classroom. It will be Colleen’s third year at Lincoln, she holds a Masters of Arts in Elementary Education and has been a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the lower elementary team.

We are delighted to have this experienced group of professionals joining us for the upcoming school year, and we look forward to making them part of our teaching and learning community.