1/26/18 News

Grade 2 News





In reading, we are becoming more adept at reading our nonfiction texts.  Students are asking lots of questions are sharing what they have learned with each other.


We are introducing our next opportunity for scientific writing by building a simple catapult to see which will go further a ping pong ball or a cotton ball.



We are continuing our exploration of what the Earth is made of and the forces which shape the Earth by reading “Pebbles, Sand, and Silt” from our FOSS kit of the same name.   



Students worked at their own pace in their everyday math books while Mr. Matt gave lessons targeted at specific ability groups and Ms. Mira, as always, assisted everyone’s learning.


Social Studies

We continued exploring different types of maps with our focus on the political maps of the various home counties of the students.  We used BrainPop Jr. this week.



Brain Pop Jr.

We began using Brain Pop Jr. this week.  Brain Pop Jr. is a series of educational movies/cartoons aimed at K-2 students.  This week we are viewing many movies and taking some post-movie quizzes.  The goal this week is just to get familiar with the Brain Pop Jr. interface and to use it in several subject areas.  


If you would like to login to Brain Pop Jr. at home go to,   https://jr.brainpop.com/

Students have logins and access to Grade 2 curricula.

Their logins are the first letter of their first name, their last name, and their age, no spaces.

The password is snowl2.  For Example, Alec Stinson, age 20 would enter, astinson20 as the username and snowl2 as the password.



As part of Nepali studies and Art, Grade 2 will be taking the following field trips.


  1. First Visit: Friday, Feb. 23rd  to visit Bungamati Village. We leave early (8:30). Eat snacks some place at Bungamati. We come back for lunch at school.
  2. Second Visit: Friday, March 2nd to Pottery- Thimi, we leave after snacks. (10:15) Take packed lunch. Comeback before 2:30 pm.


If you would like to join us for one or both of our trips, please let me know so we can have a proper headcount.



  • Please be sure students come to school each day with their “Go-Home-Folders.”
  • It was great to see everyone bring in their warm weather gear.  Keep up the good work while we experience this cold weather.


Special Note:

This year we want to heighten our awareness of students with food allergies and sensitivities to ensure everyone’s safety at school and school-sponsored events.  When preparing snacks/lunches and more importantly, classroom birthday celebrations, please be mindful that there may be students who have allergies or sensitivities to various foods, especially nuts. Currently, our class has no identified food allergies.  Should this change, I will let you know.


Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns  



Have a great weekend,

Mr. Matt and Ms. Mira