February 23 News

Grade 2 had a packed house!


This Wednesday we celebrated finishing our non-fiction reading unit by inviting people to the class to “learn from the experts”. Over the past several weeks, Grade 2 students have been working with a partner and reading many books on the same topic to become experts on a subject.  This week we shared our knowledge amongst the wider Lincoln School Community including other elementary classes, parents, and secondary biology students.  Students shared on a variety of life and earth science topics.  Grade 2 was excited to be able to share their knowledge with the larger community. Although, they did admit the secondary students were very big and asked some tough questions.  Grade 2 students came away from the experience not only having learned about a topic in depth, but they had the experience of sharing their knowledge with the broader academic community of Lincoln School. Way to go Grade 2 students!

Field Trip Update


Grade 2 finally went to our first field trip of the year by visiting the village of Bungamati just south of Patan.  We left the school just after snack and after a short 30 minute bus ride we were in the village.  Students have been learning about some of the traditional crafts of Nepal in their Nepali Studies class.  This was our first time to see some artisans at work.  Bungamati is known for their woodcarving skills using traditional Newari methods handed down from generation to generation.  Grade 2 not only had the opportunity to see wood carving on action they also had a wonderful tour of the village thanks to Mr. Naresh Shakya, from the village, and our own Ms. Chetteri.  Thank you also to our parents who volunteered to help chaperone, Mrs. Labrache (Philip’s mom) and Mr. Gooden (Addison’s dad).

Our next trip will be next Friday, March 2nd when we head over to Bhaktapur for a visit to  Thimi square to have some hands-on experience with Nepali pottery methods.  Again, if you would like to join us please let me know by Wednesday, February 28th.