May 18 News

Rock out to Reading Week!

From: Ken Fernandez on May 11, 2018

Rock Out to Reading Week and ES Book Exchange!

This year, students read a record number of books and in an effort to encourage students to continue their voracious reading habits, the library has planned another Rock Out to Reading week (May 21-25).  Students will get some extra time in the library and will take part in some music/reading activities during lunch and recess.

Additionally, the library will also be hosting an ES book exchange at the end of the week.  For every 2 books a student brings in, they’ll be able to choose 1 book to take with them.  Not only will students be able to trade in books they’ve already read, they’ll also be giving to a good cause since the extra books will be donated to one of the many service learning projects going on here at Lincoln School.  If your child would like to take part in the book exchange (or if you’re leaving and would like to donate books), please bring them starting on Monday, May 14th. The deadline to bring books in will be Wednesday, May 23rd. If you have any questions regarding the book exchanged, email Mr. J at

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Elsewhere in Grade 2

We are all working very hard at the end of the year.  

  • We are reading books in a series during reading time.  Our focus has been on keeping track of characters across the books in the series.  Ask your student what series he/she is reading.
  • In Writing, we are composing opinion letters about our favorite books.  Students have been learning the importance of really looking at a book closely and ask themselves questions to express all the reasons they like a particular book.  
  • In math, we are working towards the end of school.  Many students are finishing up their last units of the year and are taking unit assessments.
  • In science, we continue to learn about the life cycle of plants and have been making close observations of the plants we planted a few weeks ago.  Some have shown a lot of growth and others, not as much. There’s lots of discussion as to why this may be.