WELCOME – from the Elementary Art room

School Year 2018-19

August 4th, 2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

My name is Bhagawati Chettri and this is my tenth year teaching Visual Art in the Elementary section of the Lincoln School. We also have a very exciting collaborative program to introduce host country Nepal through Nepal Studies to the younger children from Primary 1 to Grade 2.

I am excited and looking forward to working with different age levels to cultivate a unique understanding of other cultures and promote cross-cultural understanding through art. The main areas of focus in the Elementary Art program is to provide the children with a safe and caring environment to develop their artistic talents. They are guided individually to have a positive self-image of themselves as young artists.

The Elementary Art Program for Primary 1 to Grade 2 encourages children to create, draw, color, enjoy, and experiment with various tools, textures and media. The introduction to art elements familiarizes children with the principles of design. They are supported to create art that reflects personal observation and experience. The illustrations of world famous paintings set the foundation for developing basic technical vocabulary, skills and many art activities. Every effort is made to integrate and to broaden the subject matter to enhance the classroom learning.

Nepal Studies in the Lower Elementary classes is an integrated program with Social Studies to support children to comprehend units on host country Nepal to broaden their view on topics on Nepal through hands on projects.

The Elementary Art Program for Grades 3, 4 and 5 is to develop creative thinking and provide a different means of communication and self-expression. They are introduced works of art to a particular time period to understand that culture and historical events influence art. They are guided to recognize that art objects, motifs, and styles that define cultural identity. The students are encouraged to use art concepts and vocabulary to generate personal criteria for self-evaluation or to evaluate other works of art. They are initiated to use the creative process to imagine, plan, organize and problem- solve to demonstrate confidence and skill with a variety of materials and techniques to create art.

Also in the art room Ms. Kriti who will be working alongside me to support and encourage your child.

To add to this introductory welcome letter, I also work as an Elementary After School Activities (ASA) coordinator for the students in Primary 1 through grade 5. Information regarding the ASA program will be sent home on Monday, August 13th.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the subjects mentioned above. I hope to work in partnership with you to help and inspire your child to enjoy learning.

Yours sincerely,

Bhagawati Chettri