Good morning 4J families,


It was great getting to know your kids last week.  We had lots of fun playing name games, getting to know special things about each of us, and learning new procedures.  Your kids were busy writing a classroom constitution and coming up with classroom agreements. They also worked with a partner to discuss the core values and expectations of Lincoln School. It was a productive week.


In mathematics, your children are getting into Unit 1: Place Value; Multidigit Addition and Subtraction.  This week they will be working with place value in whole number through the hundred-thousands, as well as learning procedures for rounding numbers through hundred-thousands too. They were also introduced to the Mathematical Practices and will be practicing multiplication every Monday….Multiplication Monday!!  Each student has a Math Journal and will include examples, definitions, and graphs showing what we are learning in class. It’s a great resource for them to use throughout the year.


In Reading & Writing Workshop your kids will be learning about Fiction.  In reading, they will be studying characters in a unit called Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story. This week they will learn to read intensively to build solid ideas about the text, as well as taking the responsibility of choosing books at their levels.  I will also be testing your child this week to get a better understanding of their fluency levels and comprehension. In writing, your kids will begin a unit of study called The Arc of the Story: Writing Realistic Fiction. Next week, they will begin generating ideas from small moments in their lives and begin writing fictional stories.  


In social studies, your kids are beginning to look at governments.  Last week, they took a look at the US constitution to set up classroom agreements and a class constitution.  This week they will look at the idea of civic virtue and why rules and laws are important to a society or organization.  It’s a year-long study in which your kids will take an in-depth look at civics, geography, history, and economy. Science will begin in a couple of weeks.


I look forward to meeting all of you Tuesday, August 21 at 6 PM for Back-to-School Night.  As Albert Einstein once said, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it,” so let’s work to create a lifelong desire in your children to learn.


Have a great week,


Mr. J